Country of Origin for Malicious Attacks

I was wondering if folks had noticed any trends with malicious network attacks predominantly originating from any individual or group of countries. Any observations, comments or help would be greatly appreciated.



If you believe the Vatican, its mostly American's doing the attacking.
Although as a practical matter, I don't know if anyone really has good
information about the true country of origin. In most cases, its the
country of last-hop.
"The Vatican has revealed it has taken on a team of experts to protect
the Pope's website which is attacked by some 10,000 viruses a month and
at least 30 mainly American hackers every day."

Trivia: Unlike the usual Unix practice of naming things after demons,
the Vatican named its security computers after Archangels. The Vatican
firewall was called Michael, after the Archangel charged with guarding
the gates of heaven with a flaming sword.