Correcting Netflix ipv6 geolocation

Our ipv6 subnet 2602::FBAD::/40 is showing up as in Kiev Ukraine on and which is causing all sorts of problems for our US based customers.

Other services like Google and MaxMind don't seem to have any issue and report correct locations. Happy to follow up with more information off list.


You likely mean 2602:FBAD::/40, as the one above is not a valid IPv6 address :wink:

BGP wise it seems only 2602:fbad:8::/45 and 2602:fbad:10::/45 are announced as per AS400429 Hawk Networks Inc -

I would definitely verify what you announce, what your GeoFeed settings are etc.

Also, what helps in 99% of cases: iPhone and Android devices with GPS enabled as they nicely report IP + GPS coords to their various motherships.