Anyone on using Corero? Thoughts around it?




Anyone on using Corero?

We were to start testing it back in March, but then the Coronavirus hit
and priorities shifted.

We are just resurrecting it this month.

  Thoughts around it?

From the way I understood it, it's not a replacement for a proper
TMS-type system.

It should be able to handle a decent number of (not all) Layer 3 - 4
attacks reasonably okay, but you'll need a TMS-type solution for Layer 7
(and more sophisticated) attacks.

It's a cheap (yet to see licensing prices) way to solve, I'd say, about
30% of the easy DoS noise, especially those based on crafting IP header
madness. And since it's integrated into the MX, it's something you can
have as part of your everyday traffic, and not a product you have to
think about selling to customers to recoup investments.

Would definitely give it a try!