Core router bakeoff?

Subject: Re: Core router bakeoff?

  >AFAIK there is no such thing as a PIPE-150, and if you have proxy
  >arp switched on then you might see this behavour. You did read
  >the manual ? :slight_smile:
  >I use the GRF-400 and it works well, Although I agree that Ascends current
  >support management is completely broken. As for Ethernet, in my experience
  >if you push anything near to 100M you should really spend the extra cash
  >on FDDI, it works far better. The POS card for the GRF works excellently,
  >you can use it as a frame relay switch, however Ascend manage to do
  >stupid things like break your ability to restrict AS annoucements via
  >AS path. sigh.

  We saw a rough limit of about 45k pps through the grf oc3 pos
card. Have you seen better, or has it not been an issue for traffic
pattern reasons or something?