Coop Peering Fabric??

I guess they would be more interesting deployed in Ashburn or some place
similar because you could exclude the cost of "bringing" traffic to the
exchange if the equipment (and bits) are already transported through
that facility.

Certainly there are some of us who would see this as advantageous. The
cost of going through the Equinix public switch is relatively high, high
enough that at the point we could justify it, it's cheaper and easier to
just run a private connection or ten, and have more peering capacity,
which turns into an argument against the Equinix service.

Were it just the cost of a cross-connect plus a modest membership fee,
with at least some other participants that had a relatively open peering
policy, it would be quite interesting. Bonus points for being able to
buy transit or routes.

I had been working towards doing something like this in the Milwaukee area
years ago, but the volume and interest wasn't quite there. I can't easily
see it failing in the same way in Ashburn... there are a bunch of people
who we exchange traffic with that are in the XXMbps range, maybe not enough
to justify a private cross connect, but certainly good enough for a shared

... JG