Cool IPs: brute force SSHing

Normally I wouldn't say anything to anyone about anything so mundane as brute-force SSH attacks, but this one caught my eye just because of the IP address:

I wanna get a connection in Korea so I can have


That is awesome :slight_smile: 1.234.x.x

While you're in Korea, you could talk to Samsung as well about (including Closer to home, you could
also talk to AT&T about (

Or if you don't mind a "little" unsolicited traffic you could always
ask APNIC if you could have which is unlikely to ever get
assigned by the normal process (currently assigned to the debogon
project but i don't think they are actively doing anything with it
just waiting for it to become usable some day)

Also had a look and it appears that along with google also
got assigned by Level3, but they aren't currently using it.
I wonder which company has the "best" collection of IP assignments...

- Mike

Ughhh been getting cPanel SSH brute force alerts all weekend because of him


Somewhat surprisingly, AT&T doesn't seem to be *doing* anything special with

-- jra

Level3 also has a 'unique' possibility they don't seem to be doing anything
with. could be
inside 8.16.24/24
inside 8.16/16
inside 8/8