Continental aggregation?


Bradley Dunn wrote:

Is anyone currently aggregating at the continental boundary?

Like, how? There isn't a single continent served by a only one provider,
with the possible exception of Antarctica. :slight_smile:

Each continent is served by only one registry, correct?

I guess I should have been more clear. What I am wondering is anyone doing
what is described in RFC 1518, section 5.7?




You have just given me even more ammunition for my argument that the IETF
needs to update RFC1149, "Standard for the Transmission of IP Datagrams
over Avian Media." Previously, I have been concerned that it ignored the
use of security mechanisms available in the transmission system, such as
audit trails left on windshields, rooftops, statues, etc.

But your comment reminds me that RFC1149 is not as general as claimed, but
is really pigeon-centric and oriented to metropolitan area transmission.
Clearly, Antarctica would make use of penguin-based transmission over much
wider areas.