Contact with Clue at XO?

Sorry to populate the list with traffic like this...

Extended IP access list 120
    deny ip any (31607418 matches)
    permit ip any any (43284187 matches)

(this is under 2 hours)

Which is a very, very bad thing.

Can someone from XO, please contact me about this?

15:33:51 pfe R ge-0/0/0.0 ICMP 216.156.98.x 206.xx.xx.xx
15:33:51 pfe R ge-0/0/0.0 UDP 216.156.98.x 206.xx.xx.xx

Apparently emails to their abuse dept with contact info and such do not
generate responses.



Very big thanks to Dennis over at XO for his fast reply.

It's getting taken care of now.