Contact for (AS1503 )


We are currently having routing issues between one of our customers and which is originated from AS1503.

Does anyone have a contact for AS1503? We've tried the ARIN contacts for
AS1503 but have not received any response.


Fibrenoire AS22652

If memory serves me correctly is run by DISA. May get more traction with them.

Your best bet is to have your customer find whoever in the army he needs to
get in touch with, or does business with, and have them raise this through
internal army IT channels

--srs (htc one x)

Suresh is spot on. I can forward your message to a couple of my internal
Army POC's as well who may or may not be able to help, my best POC left

It's a long shot, but the AKO help desk may be able to route you to the
right group of folks too. Their number is 1-866-335-2769 (A.R.M.Y.).

Hope that helps!

Tried that. No response by email. I haven't tried that phone number yet.