Contact for Frontiernet - AS5650

Can anyone put me in touch with a contact from Frontiernet regrading peering off-list?

I've been contacting<> since 02/2017 without response and have sat on hold for the noc for 1+ hour multiple times without answer :wink:

Any help greatly appreciated!

Me too? :-p

I suspect this is just an email typo, but it's listed with two "e"s.

Contact Information

   - Maintenance:

   - Peering:

Yes, just a typo on here, I have been sending to the right contact :slight_smile:

Did you ever get a response from someone at Frontier? I sent a peering
request yesterday and got a response today.

Got a phone call set for tomorrow.

We sure did Nick.

Thanks for the contacts everyone, we're now happily peering with AS5650 on 4 exchanges :wink: