Contact for AS237 (You know... MERIT :)


This might sound quite funny, but alas here it goes...

I have been trying to contact AS237, and as the registry contains:

OrgName: Merit Network Inc.


ASNumber: 237
ASHandle: AS237
RegDate: 1988-09-12
Updated: 2002-10-01

OrgTechHandle: MICHN-ARIN
OrgTechName: MichNet Operations
OrgTechPhone: +1-734-936-0822
- ---->8

I tried mailing but have
not received any response as of yet. Is there somebody alive at Merit?
("we know those", yes they also host this mailinglist :slight_smile:

As for the why of contacting, we are very close in determining
where the Ghost Routes in the IPv6 routing tables are coming
from but we are still having difficulties contacting some parties.

For 3ffe:1f00::/24, see GRH's url at:
The green ASN's are the ISP's feeding GRH so we can easily
check if they have it or not. Thus we have left:
... 6175 [ 237 12199 10318 ] 5623 ...

6175 has it in it's table, 5623 doesn't, quite obviously
237 is passing it to 6175, but does 12199 give it to 237 ? :slight_smile:

So if 237 (MERIT) can enlighten us if they have it or not or
even better set up a peering with GRH it would all make
a huge difference. If anybody has contacts for 12199 (UUNET-RD)
or 10318 who are the prime suspect, don't hesitate to speak up.

On a related note 3ffe:8070::/28 is being announced by MERIT (237)
but according to the registry it should be announced by 278.
Who are also announcing it by the way. Something fishy at MERIT ? :slight_smile:

And if you got an IPv6 feed and want to share it check:
The more views the better as it does allow better checking
where things go wrong.