Contact at Tucows domains?

RE: Contact at Tucows domains?

Anyone know a good high-level contact at Tucows Domains? I have a
customer who is having a problem with a Tucows Reseller. (massive
problems!)... and Tucow's own domain support line isn't being very
helpful. (the guy just wants to pay with a credit card for the renew his
domain... he is NOT asking for much!)

Tucows is awesome. Their CEO has his email on the whois entry.


Joshua Goldbard
VP of Marketing, 2600hz

116 Natoma Street, Floor 2
San Francisco, CA, 94104

I just got a very good contact sent off-list. Assume this is resolved
unless/until I can't get a reply/resolution from the e-mail I just sent.
In that case, I'll post an update.


I keep getting off-list lectures about how accepting payment via credit
card (verses another payment method) is NOT a requirement of a registrar
(or registrar reseller). That is/was NOT the issue and is besides the
point. The problems are MUCH more fundamental than that. Sorry if my
original wording of my original e-mail contributed to that
misunderstanding. But, as I mentioned, I think I've just alerted the
right people at Tucows who SHOULD be able to resolve this.