Console Server Recommendation

Just buy the units that have the pinout for your devices, or you may
need adapters.

Hate that, I got a Cyclades by accident, never more.

Lantronix is same pinout as cisco and everything else we use regularly.

Lantronix still makes terminal servers? Huh. I designed their first
ones over 20 years ago!

If that was LRS16 we still have some running


Avocent Cyclades ACS uses Cat5 straight through cables to Cisco consoles.

I use them in our lab and production sites.

We have Cyclades ACS boxen also, but ours require rollover cables, not
straight, when talking to a Cisco console. YMMV.

Currenly run 80+ raritan ksx boxes under the cc device with zero issue
alot more expensive than othe solutions but the single point of touch
is a life saver

-1 for Cyclades. At least in Clear's DC plants the PCMCIA modems would
often wedgie and require a re-insert. Also, if you have a DC power side
fail, they beep and beep and beep. Very annoying when your power people
are still catching up when you're trying to commission equipment.