consider fewer posts, more substance please...

To all parties who have posted to NANOG a dozen times or more in the past 24 hours...

For a good time please check out:
    * Think Before You Post
    * When you send mail to the NANOG list, it will be received by thousands of current and potential peers, employers, suppliers and customers. It will be archived in many places, and will be easily found and retrieved by anybody with access to a browser and a search engine for many years to come.
    * People will form opinions on you based on the way you conduct yourself on the list. Think before you post to avoid acting foolish in front of people you might someday have to ask for a job, an emergency response to a customer problem, rackspace, or peering.
NANOG Committee Members, perhaps the addition of a per-day posting limit should be considered in the next round of FAQ updates? -ren