Connectivity status for Egypt

We should be asking the Egyptians to stagger the return of services so that infrastructure isn't affected, when connectivity is deemed to be allowed to come back online.

Andrew Wallace

***Stefan Mititelu

Well, yeah, it has to be done carefully, otherwise the first guy to
turn on an E1 line that announces routes for the entire country is
going to have his router overheat and the blue smoke get out.... If
we're lucky, the Army won't damage too much as they either win or

It depends on what remains functional after the fact. If there is no
demand for traffic, then routes will be stable and the session will
stay active. If the link fills, the session bounces as packets get
dropped. It also depends on whether the person turning up that first
E1 actually has much behind them and whether those people have much
connectivity that doesn't require shrapnel removal.

You should send them an email about that.

They could be surprised to find their network is already up: