Connectivity status for Egypt

I'm a reporter for Network World, and we're working on a series of stories re the Egyptian Internet blackout. I hope I can glean some information from the operators on this list for my story. It would be much appreciated.

My question for NANOG operators is... Is the blackout disrupting your operations in Egypt, Northern Africa and/or the Middle East? Have you noticed any resumption of service since the outage went into effect on Thursday, Jan. 27?

Also, a bill was introduced recently in Congress proposing an Internet "kill switch" to be used, apparently, in response to cyberattacks on the U.S.:

Do you have any opinions on whether this "kill switch" could indeed be employed here to thwart attacks... or to suppress communications during time of political unrest? As a network operator, would you support such a bill? And would you comply with it if it indeed became law?

Thank you, and best regards,

Jim Duffy
Managing Editor
Network World