Congrats Board Members! Exploring N89 w/ Kentik’s Justin Ryburn + Playlist on YouTube

C****ongratulations Board Members!

Congratulations Cat Gurinsky + Vincent Celindro, for being elected to the NANOG Board of Directors! We are grateful for your service and look forward to your upcoming term.

NANOG 89 Playlist is on YouTube!

Have you subscribed to our YouTube channel? Watch all N89 presentations on our “NANOG 89 Playlist.”


NANOG 90 Meeting Host: We Want You!
Invest in the Strength of the Community We Have Built

NANOG is, and always has been, dedicated to the people who make up our community. Our in-person conferences draw up to 1,500 individuals in multiple facets of network engineering, operations, and architecture, who gather with us in major cities across North America.

Our next meeting will take place in Charlotte, NC 12-14, February, 2024. Your organization will receive top branding above all other sponsors.

Contact Shawn Winstead for more details.

Guest Blog: Exploring NANOG’s Most Recent Meeting
Deep Dive into N89 San Diego w/ Kentik’s Justin Ryburn

“As the networking landscape evolves, events like NANOG 89 are pivotal in fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation."

Check out Ryburn’s highlights and thoughts on attending N89.