Congestion control train-wreck workshop at Stanford: Call for Demos

How would you define "user" in that context?


Given that we're trusting the user's OS to implement congestion control,
it seems reasonable to trust it to define per-user in a sensible way.


Operators always define the "user" as the person paying the bill. One bill, one user.

Its fun to watch network engineers' heads explode.

And given that it is travelling between users who may or may not have trust established between them and intermediate systems which may or may not have trust established with each other or the endpoints, we got ourselves a bit of a pickle here. And trust is far bigger than trust in a security sense (where the only presently massively adopted working model is end-to-end with any intermediate systems being completely oblivious -- unless markings for example are exposed on the wrapper..)

Sensible it is only within a single administrative control domain, as cross domain isn't just a technical but a business challenge (economic and political).

What would an evo of TCP solve over, say, DCCP? Or just using straight unadulterated UDP?

Without meaning to offend anyone, sure does smell a bit like Ph.D. thesis generator mode to me.

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