confusing packet data

This is something has been bugging me lately.... Etherape is a Linux
tool that graphs packets arriving at your host, and shows paths of
connectivity. I captured the graphs, at the URL below, from my Linux
laptop connected to a Linksys wifi router that is hooked to a Comcast
cable modem. Why is it that I can see packet data from IPs all over
the place?

Any insight is much appreciated.

-Jim P.

My suspicion is that the tool is malfunctioning and is spitting out random data. Probably best to post on the Etherape mailing list for help on this one.

I see stuff in 224/4 and 240/4 in your pictures.

Are you running Skype? Have you become a supernode? There is now a registry switch in 3.0 that allows you to disable supernode functionality.


This would not cause him to see traffic to and from random addresses. Note that traffic is not going to his IP address, but to AND from addresses that are not his. That, plus the fact that there 'is' traffic on 240/4 and 224/4, and it sounds like a bug.

No. Nothing is running on this host (my laptop) when initiating
etherape. Also, etherape reports nothing until I initiate some
traffic (i.e. whois

I suspect that Nathan is correct and I have filed a bug report with Debian.

-Jim P.

Or his DSL is set to bridging.