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I send you this file for your advice.

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Anti-viri worked here as well…file captured, and destroyed… backdoor bot indeed…

I send you this file for your advice.

A more incriminating leader, you couldn’t of picked…
Its nice when things actually WORK right…
What a waste of all our time…like no one here knows about anti-viri protection…like rolling a glazed doughnut into a police station…heh…

[ On Tuesday, June 18, 2002 at 03:17:07 (-0400), blitz wrote: ]

Subject: Viri capture...

Anti-viri worked here as well....file captured, and destroyed... backdoor
bot indeed...

Your anti-virus software can only work if you are lame enough to
continue to run software that remains vulnerable to known exploits.

If you fix your software instead of wasting time and money on an silly
virus catcher then maybe you'd also do some preventative maintenance
that would block even new and as-yet unknown exploits from occuring.

Virus and worm catchers are not vaccines or "wormicides". They're
barely equivalent to antibiotics. They only attempt to repair a problem
_after_ it raises its ugly head.


And speaking of vulnerable software....

Please DO NOT EVER send HTML, rich text, or otherwise stylized e-mail,
especially not to me or to any public mailing list. Not all mail
readers will recognize such formats. HTML in particular is a potential
security threat and many firewalls filter it entirely -- especially
since CERT and Microsoft recently anounced a very major flaw in the HTML
rendering engine used in all Microsoft products. Please send all your
messages as plain text only.

Are you suggesting us as end users should reprogram every OS and Email
client rather than run a virus checker?

Because I know I for one dont have time to rewrite them all! And will
leave that to their creators safe in the knowledge that my virus checker
will stop inbound..

Unfortunately those of us in the real world have users on our networks who
are not technically competent and because of choices of software have
to use the vulnerable clients and we need virus checkers!


[ On Tuesday, June 18, 2002 at 18:30:33 (+0100), Stephen J. Wilcox wrote: ]

Subject: Re: Viri capture...

Are you suggesting us as end users should reprogram every OS and Email
client rather than run a virus checker?

Alternatives are not rare, difficult to use, or more limited in any
significaant way.

Even patches are not lacking, though in this case patching over such
fundamental design flaws has proven time and time again to be fallible.