Conficker may be forgotten, but it's not gone..

Shadowserver is happy to announce a new set of statistics and charts
highlighting the widespread infection & propagation of Conficker. We
thought it would be of interest to illustrate the depth and extent of
how Conficker truly affects a worldwide scope of providers. While much
public attention has faded since the widely publicized April 1st 2009
"attack date", it's quite evident that Conficker still maintains a huge
foothold on many computer systems worldwide.

Hopefully this report will again raise public awareness to a 6.5M node
botnet and drive remediation efforts from the providers themselves, as
well as the average computer user.

Shadowserver hopes you find these stats and charts as interesting as we
have. This is a dynamic page, so you can watch trends and remediation
efforts over time. As always, we're interested in how folks use and
benefit from our data and reports. Feel free to drop us a note anytime
and give us your feedback.

Shadowserver has posted a new blog about this at:

The Conficker stats and charts page can be found here:
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