Conclusion: Smart hands in NYC area and new: Tokyo

Hello altogether,

I got a couple of freelancers and a few tips which companies
to use. I thought I'd at least share the company recommendations,
of which I'll have the bosses pick.

One other thing - I'll be needing the same thing in Tokyo by the
end of the year. If anyone has recommendations, please don't hesitate.
I'm not shy of travelling, but I'd rather save time and money there...


Recommended companies:

Team Silverback (
OnForce (
Ledcor (

Semi-on topic:
In 2005 I was working with NTTcom on creating a new webhosting offering.
NTT was going to move 16 FULL racks of net and server gear from the lab, to
the next floor which was the actual datacenter. This required (due
to weight and space issues) that every server/net device had to be unracked
and uncabled. The crew doing physical move also did the break down of

I inquired about the down time to the lab and how long the move would take.
I was told that it would take about 8 hours. I was
extremely pessimistic that this would happen and voiced my concern. The
lead server admin reassured me that everything would be perfect and that
there would be no issues. To prove the point, he place a screw on top of
one of the servers and stated "This will be in the same place tomorrow but
in the data center".

The move was 99.99% successful. The exception was that some one plugged
fiber into the wrong port on a DB server but the aformentioned screw was in
the same place on the server. Absolutely AMAZING! I'll track down which
company provided the service.