concern over public peering points [WAS: Peering point speed publicly available?]

Water -- about 8" of it...

We had a two-level area below the raised floor in the computer room.
The deeper area was flooded; fortunately, there was only solid
insulated cables in that section. If the water had reached the
shallower area, where there were outlets, connectors, etc., it would
have been a different story.

    --Steve Bellovin,

Which almost begs the question - what's the oddest "WTF??" anybody's willing to
admit finding under a raised floor, or up in a ceiling or cable chase or
similar location? (Feel free to change names to protect the guilty if need

Water -- about 8" of it...

Air -- about 8 feet of it...
In a comms room in a tunnel under London.
Luckily for those working there, there was a ladder stored there too.
The term 'raised floor' was never so apt.

snakes in the water, which had swum (swam?) in through the entrance
facility for the building electric... 'fun'!

A minitel - in the United States!

                            Scott C. McGrath