Completely off-topic: Sprint Nextel's new logo ....

- ferg

Isn't that only for Sprint Wireless and has no effect or rest of Sprint?
If so this is *really* off-topic here...

There are three logos for the new company. One says just Sprint, one
says "Sprint, together with Nextel" and one says "Nextel, together with
Sprint". The official name of the new company is "Sprint Nextel
Corporation", or so says my last check from them. (Not laid off, went
elsewhere). The "go to market" name is Sprint.

former Nextel worker bee

I did see an article a few days ago (can't find the url now) claiming that
Sprint is planning on focusing purely on wireless and spinning off their
"traditional" telco/internet operations. I fully expect the spun-off
company to be acquired shortly thereafter (paging Dick Notebaert...)


Oh yeah. That's been part of the plan ever since the merger was
announced. No surprises there. Bets that it will be bought up by VZ or

So let me guess - we'll have 3 wireless companies (Cingular, Verizon
Wireless, Sprint) and 3 telco companies (SBC, Verizon, XYZ). Since Cingular is associated with (and part-owned by) SBC and Verizon Wireless with you can guess who yourself, that leaves the question of what will be
the counterpart in the telco that is associated with Sprint Wireless.

As you can see from above, I don't think that Sprint Telco will be bought by either Verizon or SBC - to me it seems more likely that we'll see it merged together with one (or more) of the other remaining large ILEC/CLEC telcos (probably XO or Qwest or maybe it'd end up being XO+Qwest+Sprint that will make up XYZ).

But anyway - age of competition and deregulation and price-wars for
customers in US seem soon to be coming to its end...