Compatible Systems Spare Parts ?

I'm at the end of my rope in the search for using two Microrouter 1200i's.

Wondering if anyone has any spare power bricks for them ? I need ONE :slight_smile:

Class 2 Transformer
Input: 120V 60Hz 50W
Output: AC 12V 2.9A
Model #: WP573512G

No one anywhere has these, and Cisco's response is "Buy Ciscos to replace
the 1200's".

Sorry for the noise..

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That's a pretty trivial transformer variety to find...

try someplace like...

or radio shack...

find a switching powersupply with matching specs, if it doesn't have the
right tip, you can get an appriate tip at radio shack or whack the ones
off your old power supplies and use some wire-nuts/do some soldering...

Incedentaly the amperage rating typically has to do with the cooling
properties of switching powersupply and the size of the fuse, so anything
in the 2.9 - 4 amp or so range will work at 12v dc for you application...