Comparing carrier hotels and colo: How much are you paying per 208V 30A circuit

a) How much, in $/mo

b) To what degree is it protected (1+0 generator, 1+1 generator, N+1
generator, single UPS, 1+1 UPS, etc).

c) What extent of diversity were you able to obtain vs. your other AC
circuits (unique riser? separate transformer? separate power feed from
second route into the building?)

L6-30s are probably the most common power drop in colocation.

A) Is proprietary. I won’t pretend you will get zero answers, lots of people will likely break their NDAs.

B) You can find any and all of those options.

C) Ditto.

Are you looking for specific cities or buildings? Or just trying to see if it is available?

Of course I know all of the above exist and are available. Looking more
into the cost difference between facilities that sell 'basic' backed power
(where you absolutely need to install your own rectifier and battery plant)
vs facilities that sell 30A circuits they claim meet the definition of high

I have seen a lot of prices already and know that just the $/MRC for power
is occasionally not under NDA, so those who wish to share their costs might
do so in a general way without naming a specific facility...

Looking at west coast states (CA/OR/WA) primarily.

We’re grandfathered to power being available with rack, and $hundreds to $thousands per month for 208V/30A HA depending upon the facility. These sites are not West Coast.

Indiana Data Centers:
$600-900 per lit rack

$1800 per lit rack

$700-900 per lit rack

Justin Wilson

Assuming a single 208/30 feed, he also asked about redundancy.

And the price difference between the many possibly varying levels of

In San Francisco, CA one can get a cabinet with redundant A+B power, 120V/30A per circuit, for under $2,000/month.208V circuits will be more expensive.--andrei