Common statistics from your NOC


I want to collect experience from the Gurus on this mailer on how they make
use of the data they can get from NOC. what i mean by data, trouble tickets
opened internally or with vendors.

I wonder what would be common or even uncommon type of statistics that a
network operator would like to poll from their NOC to help them in:

1) Optimizing and tuning operations
2) Optimizing and tuning engineering

Example on point 1:
If we were to put all tickets in an excel sheet and take a holistic look at
the type of technology or product, we can see that out of 100 incidents,
there were 50 cases related to routing protocols, this would yield that
either more training is needed for operations team or that the design is

Example on point 2:
20 incidents appeared to be related to new configuration lines that when
added, a conflict was seen, so the take away would be that engineering needs
a lab.

Excuse my poor English, unicast replies are welcomed.