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Google it.

And you're naive to you think its just VoIP anymore.

The whole, nasty, underlying issue with 'network inequity' is
that it is a bubble in its truest sense -- some infrastructure
simply will not support tens of thousands, etc. unicast streams,
AND also support traditional 'best effort' traffic.

It's the old 'ten pounds of shite in a five pound bag' dilemma.

Somethings gotta give ($) or something's gotta go ($) -- or be
degraded somehow.

Warnings on this were sounded ten (or more) years ago. :slight_smile:

- ferg

ps. Funny that -- the complexities of things these days vs.
traditional recurring telco revenue streams. :wink:

Eric Germann wrote:

Except when an ISP blocks Vonage completely, then they aren't neutral and it
is QoS (unless the QoS == 0 for VoIP)

    We (or its just me) might be curious about which ISP did that.


AS16604 works fine, AS 22663 does not. I've picked at this for several hours this AM - looks very much like 22663's serial interface,, is blackholed somewhere inside Sprint. I got a tech who is trying to help, but he is the guy who got stuck with Easter Sunday ... anyone else awake at Sprint?

  These machines can't telnet to each other. Protocol capture and varying the telnet source interface on the AS 22663 machine shows can send but receives no return traffic, while the loopback IP is accessible.

Inside AS 16604

interface Hssi3/0
  description DS3 to Sprint PL#:431846
  ip address
ip route

Inside AS 22663

interface Serial5/1/0
  description 45076451-T,, Inc. (SL-PROMI-1)
  bandwidth 44210
  ip address

interface Loopback 0
  ip addresss

ip route

I remember getting a note from sprint when I was a sprint customer a few years back that said they were going to stop routing to the /30s for point-to-point customer links, unless requested to keep routing in place for that /30.

Hopes this helps.


I suspected as much myself with regard to not routing customer serial links, but I've turned up half a dozen Sprint peering sessions in the last six years and I've never seen one act the way this one does.

  Maybe its something I'm doing ... I'm going to take the kids to the park and not think about this for a while. Thanks for the response.

Justin Kreger wrote:

Is this a new config ? Is below a copy and paste from the router or a
retype ? Maybe I way off base but with a quick review there appears to be a
typo -

interface Hssi3/0
  description DS3 to Sprint PL#:431846
  ip address
ip route

Shouldn't the route point to 75.57 and not 76.57 ?