Comments on draft-ietf-cidrd-ownership-01.txt

Quote from Claude Chappe ( acknowledged invent of "far-writing" commonly
know as the telegraph ) circa 1824; this quote is very relevant to
the recent discussions on CIDRD-WG and the complete unwillingness of
CIDRD-WG to consider alternatives to CIDR and renumbering...

From Mr. Chappe ( a highly decorated Frenchman ):

" The use of novel methods that modify established habits, often hurts the
  interests of those who profit the most from the older methods. Few people,
  with the exceptions of the inventors, are truely interested in helping
  projects succeed while their ultimate impact is still uncertain. ...
  Those in power will normally make no effort to support a new invention,
  unless it can help them to augment their power; and even when they do
  support it, their efforts are usually insufficient to allow the new
  ideas to be fully exploited. "

Reference: Holtzman, Pehrson _The Early History of Data Networks_,
      IEEE Press, AT&T, 1995.

  This statement in frustration by Mr. Chappe in 1824 summarizes the
  feelings of those who are well educated, experienced engineers that
  have introduced alternate ideas to the CIDRD-WG.


  Tim Bass

  (still in the Azores for a few more days.... )