comments on addressing futures....

this from the ARIN-PPL mailing list... it deserves broad consideration,
even from NANOG :slight_smile:

YAO (yet another organization)

Seems the world is full of orgs and people wanting to create
yet a new thing to solve the problem. Make it a new thing and
we can fix the issues at hand.

I've seen enough of the BS between ICANN and ARIN (and other RIR's)
to know that if both sides would really sit down and be constructive
we wouldn't need YAO..

Now that ICANN has a bunch of new management (ergo LT and MLS are gone)
maybe the RIR's and ICANN should put their hurt feeling (yes one hurt
badly bruised feeling) away and figure out how to work within the
structure that exists today. Ergo the ASO and ICANN

I personally am quite worried about the RIR"s creating a NRO
(Is that Number Resource Org, or National Recon Org ??)

I don't see the "broken part here".

I don't see the masses screeming for the head(s) of the RIR on
a platter, ala Verisign and wildcards.

I don't see the community pointing the finger en mass to the RIR's
and saying ITS BROKE, Someone should take it away from them.

Heck, I don't even see the looneys out there really screaming
that the RIR process is broken.

Since it doesn't really seem broken, why are we trying to 'fix' it ??

It does seem to me that a select few people want more control
(term empire building comes to mind) of the IP space and for various
non-operational (show me broken operational things wrt RIRs) reasons
want to kill ICANN.

Killing ICANN in all seriousness isn't the right answer. Some months
ago I finally gave up on them, figured it was a lost cause and that
they should go the way of the dodo.

Well that was a wrong thought. If we don't have them things will
be worse. They DO have to stand up to Verisign on this Wildcard
thing, but they can't do it in one day.

Again, we the community should be helping ICANN get its act together.

They are after all trying to hire some senior technical managment
people. Certainly there are qualified people on this list to
fill that slot.

No, NRO is BAD, its bad like splitting the roots. Plain and simple
as that.


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