Comcast Voice Routing Contact?

Apologies for cross-post - no luck using the VoiceOps list.

Sent to VO 04/10:
Hello, we have a fun issue we are attempting to troubleshoot with an end user having problems reaching local businesses utilizing Comcast (unsure if the end product is POTS over Coax or VoiceEdge). SPID: Comcast IP Phone/1
The calls are not originating via their usual routing on their receiving end and some alternative routing seems to be in place where they are failing to cell phones.

I’m checking to see if any Comcast folks are lurking that could potentially help or shed light on what is occurring or what the problem seems to be. We tried to suggest to our end user to have the local businesses reach out to Comcast - going through tier 1 support, rolling a truck, etc. It’s still an issue (surprisingly) as I’m not sure this could be solved by a field technician if it could even be communicated well enough upstream to who it would matter to.

We are attempting to go the usual channels now with the carrier we are originating the calls from and seeing if they can engage further engineering upstream but I have a feeling this will fizzle out. The losing carrier we ported this customer from last year is of no relation to Comcast (at least on the outside), but I’m unsure if they’re still in the call stack or if there was some sharing of resources on that end when they were still housed there.

**Update 04/11 - origination route to term partner support path is not looking hot👎
Region of concern is northern Illinois

Please reach out off-list if you can be of assistance and I can share more information. Thanks!