Comcast using private space and trying to use

This is a friendly note to any Comcast net admins who might be interested:

We have a Business Fiber circuit and run a public NTP server in the pool.
It seems Comcast is using private IP space (mostly and for equipment and are trying to use the NTP pool for time
services (without NAT). Clearly that isn't working out so hot - my firewall
logs are chalk full of requests from those two networks, so I'd assume it's
a pretty large number of misconfigured devices since I'm one of many many
pool servers - and it's fairly safe to assume they're Comcast devices since
they aren't getting eaten before hitting my firewall from Cocmast. Just for
laughs, I suspect, Comcast blocks bogons at my gateway, so I couldn't even
let them get time from me if I wanted to.

Clearly not a critical (to me) issue, but I figured it was worth passing
along since I count on Comcast for interwebs and it's likely Comcast could
see time sync issues related to this.

Mike McLaughlin