Comcast transit problems?

I'm being inundated with reports from Comcast customers in various markets
about their inability to reach anything on AWS. For example, we have a few
people in Atlanta that are all having this issue.

What's more, they're having weird issues reaching things like Twitter or
RingCentral (while other sites like Google and CNN work fine).

(RingCentral's support department apparently knows about this and is
telling their customers that use Comcast that they're aware of the issue
but don't know what's going on at the present time.)

Calls to the Comcast customer support just yield the "everything's fine,
you're crazy" response from the staff.

Can anyone from Comcast give me some help (or information) off list?


Not sure what the connectivity is between Comcast and AWS, but Level3
is having issues in Atlanta.

Yep, that does seem to be the problem.


At least it's not a Friday or a holiday. :slight_smile:

Looks like they are having issues other than Atlanta.

If anyone want to provide me with *useful* troubleshooting information,
I'll be glad to help.

I can't tell what use that website has, it offers zero detail.