Comcast Support (from NANOG Digest, Vol 84, Issue 23)


The thread below was sent to me a few times, apologies for not catching it sooner.


I sent you mail unicast with a request for some information. I am happy to help you out.

For the larger NANOG audience, Comcast has recently launched IPv6 support for our BCI products, these are our DOCSIS based commercial offerings. This means that if you gateway device is in fact in RG mode you will be delegated a dynamic IPv6 prefix, by default customers are delegated a /56 prefix along with a single IPv6 address that is assigned to the WAN of the gateway device. IPv6 support applies to the following makes and models:

Cisco BWG (
Netgear CG3000D (

For customers where you bring your own cable modem or have one of the above in bridge mode we have enabled IPv6 support for you as well. However, your router behind the modem must be running software and configured with IPv6 support. Specifically, your router needs to be support stateful DHCPv6 for IPv6 address and prefix acquisition. We have received a number of reports from customers that the Juniper SRX does not appear to properly support IPv6. We are working with Juniper and also recommend that you reach out to Juniper as well.

Please keep checking for updates, we will post some additional information here in the next week or so. In the mean time if you have questions feel free to send me mail or post them here on the NANOG list.



Correct link for Cisco is updated below.


Apologies for a bit off topic, but I’m trying to get an issue resolved and am having trouble reaching anybody who seems clue positive.

From home via Comcast cable, I’m having trouble reaching some destinations. According to mtr, there is a particular node ( which is suffering > 30% loss. Contacting the Comcast consumer support folks is useless (what are the lights on your modem doing? Did you power cycle it?). When this is happening, I usually am told they need to send a tech to my house. <insert facepalm>.

Is there a way to drop a note to the NOC or other folks who would understand the info and be able to act on it?



You forgot to use the word “Shibboleet” when you called care. Contacted
Peter off-list

  - Kevin

FWIW, if you phone support you generally end up with a tier-1 person. In cases where people have more technical background, you may want to try things that land in more senior levels of Care (or even get checked by engineering directly) such as:

- Customer support forums:
- Twitter: @ComcastCares
- Broadband Reports forum:
- Reddit:

- Jason

While Jason obviously has the most authoritative perspective,
I want to also mention Comcast's "we're on it" department,
and their self-described no-wait hotline at 866-671-5645,
as has been publicly described (links below).

Tony Patti
S. Walter Packaging

Ok, thanks. I was unaware there were Comcast support folks working those outlets.


I thought you were just supposed to give your Geek License number. :slight_smile:


Ah, Comcast support. Those people who keep calling my Ford Motor Company phone, to threaten to shut off service to my home, which I don't have (I have uverse). They keep saying they will take my Ford number off the account (which of course, I don't know the account number because I don't have an account) and then they call again, with the same threat.

Real winners. And yes, I've been saving the chats with support.

Is it actually Comcast calling or is it just a debt collector saying they are Comcast? We have been getting at about a call a day for the past 5+ years looking for a Fred Sepp that skipped out on a $300 water bill. Each time they say they won’t call back, each time they sell the account to someone else. They’ll probably still be looking for him in another 5 years.

No, it was Comcast. In December, it was to get him to pay his bill. In January, it was the same and in a chat with their support, they confirmed it's my Ford number on his account, but it's a guy's account and not at Ford's world headquarters, of course. They said they'd take my number off, which they didn't do. yesterday, they called to get their equipment back and I lost it on them. I had a support chat, then this post, then they answered my live journal, then "executive support" called me to confirm they were removing my phone number. I only really was concerned because my medical records were stolen and sold, a few years ago, so my social, and old DL and my ford phone number, were in there.

They lost what could have been a potential customer by harassing me. if I had been stealing the service, calling me would not have helped but since I wasn't, they just pissed off a uverse (and potential future) Comcast client

I can assure you AT&T and Verizon have done equally bizarre, stupid, and annoying things.