Comcast Paid Peer Pricing

I seek pricing on Comcast AS7922 paid peer at following commit level:
Please reply in private and I will sum up on list.

I'd suggest contact Comcast sales.

Perhaps these would be worth reviewing?

Your best bet would be to hit up their sales contact if you want pricing on non-SFI peering.


Concast I love it!!

Ameen Pishdadi

I am not allowed to sign NDA, can someone please send me sample pricing in private mail?


You're not allowed to sign an NDA, but you expect other people to violate the ones that they've signed by disclosing pricing to you? Yeah, I'm sure everyone will get right on that...

- Pete

If you believe that they have no legal right to keep the data private, then obviously any NDA surrounding that data is unenforceable, so you should have no problems signing it yourself and then completely ignoring its terms as you're asking others to do. I'm sure the judge at your civil suit will find your arguments interesting and will weigh them appropriately.

Keep in mind that anyone who provides pricing data to you may not only be violating any Comcast NDA that they may have signed, but possibly the NDA they have with their employer as well. Even if there is no NDA covering the Comcast<->Employer relationship, any employee of Employer may be legally bound not to discuss the terms of ANY of Employer's contracts with third parties.

- Pete

Then find someone in your company who will and use that
channel, Nabil.

Alternatively, have you tried to find out whether Comcast
could actually quote you without needing an NDA? They might
have a provision for that (generic, poorly-discounted
pricing, not to give themselves away until you're serious,

Just don't expect the folk here to do that work for you,


I am not allowed to sign NDA, can someone please send me sample pricing in private mail?

I didn't see any requirement to sign an NDA for their dedicated non-transit product, which is essentially what you were asking for. If you want to do SFI (assuming your network meets Comcast's criteria for SFI), then there would be an NDA.


Since it's not entirely clear if you're asking about SFI or not...

Entering into something like an SFI agreement with a large national network is typically something that 1. your company's legal counsel would need to review, and 2. Someone pretty high up in your company would need to approve and sign, because it can potentially obligate your company to make significant ongoing infrastructure investments to remain in compliance with your SFI agreement. If your company has a network that's large enough to warrant SFI, it would also stand to reason that they already have business and legal processes in place for dealing with things like this - something a little more 'official' than hassling people on a public mailing list, from a Hotmail address :wink:

If anyone on this list is doing SFI with Comcast, they are not going to risk violating their NDA by providing what could be considered confidential and proprietary information to a third party, let alone a complete stranger.

If you're not asking about SFI, call/email the sales contact that was listed on their dedicated internet access page, and get a quote. I saw no indication that you needed an NDA to get a quote for their paid peering product. All I saw was an order form that you would need to fill out and email to the sales contact. As others mave mentioned, Comcast might not provide the best pricing right off the bat, but it at least would get you a number that you can use for budgetary/planning purposes.


What is your ASN Nabil so I can find out what you submitted for a
request, including scope and term. -ren

..I was waiting for Ren to shut this thread Down. :slight_smile:

Nabil: reply to Ren directly, off list. You'll be in good hands.