Comcast outage refunds during PG&E shutdowns and wildfires

Comcast's spokespeople aren't saying it explicitly, but Comcast service representatives are giving some service refunds to customers which lost Comcast service in California *BUT* still had power or backup generators at their residences.

This appears to be customer satisfaction refunds for customers that complain, not actually based on evidence of a service outage or backup power at your residence.

Since its likely only a few dollars of pro-rated service charges, its may be cheaper for Comcast to earn a little goodwill instead of paying customer service minutes on lengthy arguments.

I haven't heard if AT&T landlines is matching Comcast's refunds for outside plant outages due to the PG&E or other power shutdowns.

Most of the wireless/cellular companies had already announced wireless data & voice waivers during the power shutdowns.

The amount is also further limited by the amount of time one must spend wading through the phone tree and sitting on hold in order to get to someone who can actually issue the credit.