Comcast Metro Ethernet

We are currently in talks with Comcast with regards to their metro
ethernet products in New Jersey and Illinois, for internet bandwidth
not L2/PTP. I'd like to hear opinions from others who have the
service, in regards to uptime, support, and performance. Thank you in

Comcasts Metro-E products are pretty stable. The topology of those networks
is fault tolerant with geographically diverse entry to the fabric for a
given premises are usually available. The non-PtP connections you are
referring to would be called Direct Internet Access, or DIA, but might have
another name depending on the market.

I worked on some of the Metro-E early on in Houston and can say these
networks are composed of very high end hardware with only the most stable
firmware loaded, and taken care of by some of the most capable people in the
industry. The networks are monitored in real time for outages, and getting
very straightforward RFOs and ETAs never seems to be a problem.

There you go!