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IPv6 Pilot Market Deployment Begins
Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Comcast has started our first pilot market deployment of IPv6 in limited areas of California and Colorado. This first phase supports directly connected CPE, where a single computer is directly connected to a cable device. A subsequent phase will support home gateway devices. To learn more, check out FAQs on the pilot market deployment<> and the announcement<> and technical details<> on our blog.


Congrats! One step closer to full deployment!


Sort of interesting that you are only handing out a single address and not a prefix - which seems contradictory
to all recommended practices.

Will this be a continued effort for ISP's to charge for extra routable addresses?

My $.02


Glad to hear some good news about IPv6 deployment. Now, lets talk
about deployment in Seattle :slight_smile:

This appears directed at the Home market. Any word on the Business Class market even as a /128?

This is not all we are pursuing, it is part of our incremental enablement
and deployment. We have a non-trivial population of users that are
directly connected versus using a home router. If you notice we also
mention that we will soon be sharing information about customer home
gateway plans.

Stay tuned.



Business Class is coming later. It won't hurt to contact the Business
Class sales number and ask about IPv6 (and tell them to escalate it) - it
all helps get us internal support and buy in. It is definitely on our
radar though.

- Jason

This is excellent news, John and I encourage you and the folks at Comcast
to keep up the good work.

I wait with baited breath for the day I can move my business class connection
to IPv6.



I have been telling everyone to ask each time they phone in. I suspect
there's a non-trivial number of people in this community alone that could
call in for IPv6 on the business service, even if it is just a /64 for
starters :slight_smile:

(That is all I would want myself).

I'm grateful you are communicating with the community on your efforts.

- Jared

Good to hear, thanks John. Hopefully Comcast's marketing/sales team can run productively with this. It might start to encourage some of the other major and minor ISPs to jump on board.


Yeh. I've been waiting since before the trial started for biz class IPv6. I even read some article on one of the Comcast sites (IIRC) that one of their business class customers was doing NDS. I guess it was a one-off. :slight_smile:

  I remembered this post and decided to check on the status of this
for World Ipv6 day coming up in on the 5th of this month and so I called
Comcast bussiness support... what a nightmare... the first guy told me that
I already have static IP address so why do I need Ipv6 addresses?
Then he told me that I can still "surf the Internet" with Ipv4 addresses and
I don't need Ipv6 addresses. I asked to speak to someone who
knows more about the Ipv6 rollout he then told me that there is nothing to
know. I tried to get him to "escalate it" as you suggested below
but he refused telling me that a request for Ipv6 addresses is not a valid
technical reason to escalate. He did offer to let me speak to his
supervisor. His supervisor wasn't much better. I explained to him how I
have been following things on and with Ipv6 day coming
up I thought maybe there had been somekind of forward progress on deployment
and could he at least point me in the right direction for someone
to talk to about it. He then told me that there is no such person and that
if there was such a person that Comcast's Ipv6 rollout plans and
locations are proprietary information not to revealed to customers like me.
I referenced NANOG and the below post and was told first that
how do I know that person is actually a Comcast employee? I guess besides
the addresses from you guys I don't know for sure
that you guys are actually Comcast employees I just asume that you are who
you say you are. For the record I don't doubt that you guys work for
Comcast but then the supervisor tells me that even IF the people I
referenced DO work for Comcast that they are in violation of company policy
for speaking in a public forum and claiming to work for Comcast...

Wow... I just wanted some info on deployment scheduling and possilbe
timelines for getting Ipv6 and I get all that. Gotta say they could really
do better in the customer service dept. I wonder if you guys have any more
info on this or can at least point me in the right direction... like I
said I already tried Comcast Business Support with the above results... so I
guess if you can help find out this before World Ipv6 day so that I
could participate that would be ideal... I wonder if anyone else has tried
getting this info on the list with better results?

- Jimmy

My understanding is that Comcast only does IPv6 on business customers that are on their "backbone" network, not those on their docsis network.

If you have BGP or fiber with 7922 you should be able to get IPv6.

- Jared


Trust me, I work for Comcast and run the IPv6 program. This has been the
case for nearly 7 years. We can take some of the items below off list.

We have launched IPv6 for residential broadband at this time. Commercial
DOCSIS support is later this year.

We can do two things. Get you a residential trial kit so you can have
IPv6 for W6L and make sure I have your information for when we start
trials for commercial DOCSIS support for IPv6.


Commercial DOCSIS is later this year.

Commercial fiber can be supported now.


Forgive me if this is a stupid question since I've never been a cable
guy, but what's physical difference between residential and commercial coax?


Not much, as far as I can tell. I'm a commercial ("Business Class" in
Comcast's terminology) coax customer; the CPE is just plugged into the
cable outlet in my apartment.

Comcast requires you to use the CPE they supply if you want a static IP up
through a /28 on commercial coax, which is kind of a shame. (Also, a /28
seems to be the largest block they will give you over commercial coax.)
Their CPE announces your address space into Comcast's network with RIPv2,
and presumably they don't wish to share the RIP credentials with small
customers. In the past, the admin ("mso") passwords were the same on all of
their commercial coax CPE so you could tinker if desired, but that is no
longer the case.

Some people have speculated that there are different QAMs (frequencies) for
commercial vs residential customers, but I have not seen any indication
that that is the case.

Finally, there is no 250 GB cap on commercial coax service, for now. (Not
that that's a physical difference.)


Usually these are terminated on a different CMTS and may use different
frequencies allocated.

  From a business side, there is a higher SLA afforded to the users,
including phone notification of planned outages, etc that would happen.

  - Jared

I'm a Comcast biz customer, mostly so I can have static IPs.

I believe the main differences are that biz class has a different group
of people supporting it and provisioning it. They also use different
CPE. Probably also use different VLANs and such past the head end. But
for biz class customers on cable, it uses the same underlying
infrastructure as residential.

I'm mostly speculating here, but I'd think a big hurdle for getting IPv6
service on biz class is in coming up with the
support/provisioning/logistics infrastructure to support biz customers
with IPv6. The residential customers have less control over the CPE
than business class, likely making it easier for comcast to make changes
for residential service. Comcast can update the CPE image, start
running DHCPv6, and voila. But biz customers routers are somewhat
configurable, and many biz class customers run their own
routers/firewalls behind the comcast CPE (as do some residential
customers also, of course), likely making things more complicated. I'd
speculate that all the technical pieces are there to do it, but the
logistical/support/management pieces probably aren't ready yet.

Obviously, only the Comcast guys on here (John and Jason) know the whole
story. But I'm patiently waiting for my native v6! It'll happen
eventually. :slight_smile: