Comcast IPv6 Milestone

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"we recently crossed 1Tb/s of Internet facing, native IPv6 traffic."
Achievement unlocked. Nice job.

Thank you for sharing! Would LOVE to see something like this from Verizon
about FioS.

Fios would have to start deploying IPv6 to reach 100% deployment. Their
press release should be coming in 2019.


Agreed. I'd love to see some movement from Verizon, but I'm not hopeful.

I'm not above using this announcement to needle them a bit (more than normal) the next time I ask them about their deployment plans.


Congrats to you and your team John!

I presume Comcast Business is still a work in progress?

- Jim

Absolutely. We are close and are trying to finalize the firmware for a
subset of our commercial DOCSIS devices. Stay tuned for news and updates
on this front. Be sure to check, I will post updates