Comcast IPv6 issues..?

Hey all,

  Getting delays and seeing some pretty funky routes inside Comcast.
  All traces start from Ashburn, VA (2001:4830:167b::slight_smile: and go to
  Chicago, IL (2610:150:4b0f::).

  Coming from Occaid/SIXXS (over a tunnel) through and have seen:

Ashburn -> San Jose -> New York -> Chicago

It's likely a reverse DNS error. If you look at the latency, it's within
range of the previous hops.


Still curious that the systems (IPv6 addresses) are changing too.. It's
not like it's the same route but just different rDNS results. It's also
quite a bit of latency between and Comcast. Also seeing ~20%
packet loss to systems in Comcast and ~15% packet loss end-to-end.
Certainly seems like there's something unhappy there, but I'll just keep
an eye on it.



I will follow-up offline....