Comcast iNET Contact


I’m a network engineer with a county government and I’m trying to get in contact with someone from Comcast who can provide a .KMZ or similar of our iNET (Institutional Network) dark fiber.

I’ve called through the normal support lines and gotten bounced around a few times… Which isn’t surprising… This stuff is 20 years or so old.

Thanks in advance!


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Based on my experience, you can’t get it.

My account rep can not get it. I have to provide an address/location at which point they will see if it’s nearby or not.

Contact the licensing authority for your municipality. There is typically a government liaison position that might be able to help. If it’s fiber, you have a slightly better chance of it actually being documented, but only slightly :slight_smile:


Are you sure it’s even iNet anymore? Here in NW Oregon they converted all of us governments over to standard commercial ENS circuits. The iNet doesn’t exist any longer here.


In my local municipality (as part of a contract renegotiation) we swapped support of the coaxial iNet in favor of dark fiber between specific buildings, that we would be in charge of lighting ourselves.