Comcast DNS

*blush* at missing the original sarcasm.

There are issues between Google and Comcast in the Denver area for at least the last 12 hours. Pages are sporadically stalling before load (indefinitely as far as I can tell). I found a gmail message I'd sent more than 30 minutes prior still processing. This is affecting all google services that I've tried so far.

However, I don't see any evidence this problem is DNS-related, and have not otherwise been experiencing name resolution problems or had any other recent Comcast connectivity issues.

So, if there's a clue-wielder from either company around, I'm happy to provide traces and dumps if you want to ping me offlist.

Add Seattle/Washington to the list.

It's been a rough week with Comcast, with a state-wide outage last
Thursday morning as well.

I'll second that. My Google-everything has been totally rocked all
evening from my home comcast connection.

Randal/Colorado Springs, CO

I'm in Fresno, California and having these exact same issues with ATT/Level 3 connectivity to Google.

randal k wroteth on 12/8/2008 9:11 PM:

Live in littleton CO. Having the same issue.

Having paid attention to this thread, im having issues with all pop3 communication to google mail severs for about the past 24 hours for another email account. Noticed it when outlook started throwing send and receive errors before I went to sleep last night.

For me, things appear to have cleared up this morning. Anyone else?