Comcast cable modem software update push

Dear Nanog Users,

I have recently been plagued by intermittent lockups on my Motorola
BitSurfer 6121 cable modem, which I purchased based on Comcast's lists
of recommended devices, and having good experience with Motorola
products in the past. There's a good discussion on this topic here:

My technical question for the group is: When I finally talk to Comcast
Tier 2 this week, what do I need to tell them to convince them that
pushing out an update to SB6121 modems is a good idea? They seem
convinced the onus is on Motorola to provide updates. This is not how
DOCSIS 3.0 works!

FWIW, the installed OS is dated Aug 12 2010. The most recent I
have heard of is Apparently this fixes the lockups.

Any tips greatly appreciated.



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Each MSO has its own procedures for reviewing and certifying firmware for their networks. The various DOCSIS features work with varying levels of success on different code revisions, so the testing tends to be extensive. When I worked at an MSO in my previous position, the process would be to lab test and then field soak for several months prior to releasing an update. Even then, we would still be bitten by bugs with strange trigger conditions. Assuming that process is the same at Comcast, you are likely to have little success in convincing them to speed up the deployment of new code, especially if the DOCSIS engineering group has not completed testing and fully vetted the code.

You best bet is simply to see if there is newer code available that they have approved. Just for comparison, I have a Moto Surfboard 6121 attached to TWC and I'm on firmware version dated 12/21/2010 (possibly installed when I was still a Cox customer).

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Well I'm not sure if it was the squeaky wheel getting the grease or
just good timing, but I'm happy to report that this morning my
Motorola SB6121 grabbed the firmware update and is now running the
latest code. I'm fairly confident this will resolve my lockups.

Thanks, Nanog!