COM/NET/ORG/EDU Registry Informational Message

To All,

VeriSign GRS will be making several changes to the COM, NET, ORG and EDU
zone files.

  I think the proposed changes are an excellent idea, providing of
course that the proposed new zone format is adequately tested for
interoperability before it's deployed.

2. Eliminate Orphan A Records

The current zone generation process publishes A (address) records (also
called glue records) regardless of whether the name server is referenced
by any NS (name server) records. Put another way, an A record is
published even if no zone delegations reference it. These A records are
called orphans, and their presence in the COM/NET/ORG zones is
undesirable for both administrative and technical reasons

  Again, an excellent suggestion. In fact, our organization has been
trying for months to get you guys to delete some host records for old name
servers we've retired, and haven't gotten a whole lot of cooperation. Can
you give me a contact person who would be willing to work with me on this?
I have two sets of servers to delete, those with no domains delegated to
them, and those with rogue, unauthorized domains who have listed my name
servers without permission. I can provide more information in private.