COM/NET informational message

This (ie. IDN) has been discussed (and finally decided) in the IETF IDN wg
for AGES now. If you are so concerned, why did you not engage yourself
there? It is no secret what has been decided there.

I agree, M�ns.

For the first time in a very very very very long time, I actually think this is a Good Idea. It's a transition to the new work which, albeit early, was bound to happen.

IMHO, a simple IDN solution which deals with many accents and characters in common use is a very valuable step along the way to IDN and the community should view this with an open mind. Especially bearing in mind the complexities and the very long timescales associated with the proposed full-Unicode alternative.

Keep in mind that they are not breaking standards, they are extending one application.


I've tested their system with a couple of platforms, and it seems to cope with IE on both PC and Mac. I haven't tried it on any Unix-based systems yet, but I wouldn't expect it to work since both Mozilla and Netscape don't seem to like it.

However, I'd certainly have appreciated a lot more time to digest what they're doing rather than having a press release foisted on the world as a "done thing".

The other, earlier attempts to do things like this (especially NuNames)
have been way more rogue than this.

NuNames and are the first which spring to mind. Most require plug-ins though.

Best regards