.COM auto-caching DNS server

Despite the IAHC debates, despite the Office of the Inspector
General (OIG) investigation of the National Science Foundation (NSF)
and despite the moves by the IANA to deploy two TRUE Root
Name Servers at Network Solutions, Inc. we still have to focus
on software development.

As I see it, one of the next major projects on the horizon is the...

  ".COM auto-caching DNS server"

This server will appear to be a standard TLD Name Server
for the .COM TLD. The one difference will be that it will
cache .COM registration information from the popular Root
Name Servers and will log this information.

ISPs will be able to use this server to support their subscribers
but also to log interest in the various .COM domains. This
information can be used by the ISP to bill the owners of the
.COM domains for domain services.

Just as the NSF and Network Solutions, Inc. have arbitrarily
set their domain registration service fees at $50 per year,
ISPs should be free to set whatever fees they feel are fair
and represent the market. Large ISPs may be able to demand
larger fees from .COM owners because they can claim that
they have more users that they provide access to the DNS
mapping services.

As noted in the past, countries and state governments can
set up .COM TLD Name Servers as effectively "mirrors" of
the 9 popular servers controlled by NSI, and can charge
.COM owners to register each year in their servers. With
the proposed "COM auto-caching DNS server".