Colo space at Cermak

Has something happened the past couple months to cause a quick shortage of space at Cermak? I had an offer sent a few months ago (when I didn't need it) where a cab and five cross connects were cheaper than what five cross connects normally are, much less the cabinet value as well. Around that time I think cabinets were going for $700 or so for basic primary\redundant 20A. Now the cabinet is going for $1,800. It went from being the cheapest I've seen at Cermak to the most I've seen at Cermak in a matter of a few months. Two people with space in that building are citing an uptick in demand. Really? That much of a demand increase with hundreds of thousands of square feet coming online in the Chicago metro?

Can anyone corroborate that story or are they just making stuff up hoping I agree to inflated cabinet prices?

I would guess it has to do with competing with your landlord now. I know
it's starting to happen more and more.

The company who has the worlds most played online multiplayer game moved
their servers to Chicago back in late August. Maybe that affected prices?

That's interesting news, how did you hear about that?

They made an announcement about it a while back: