Colo & b/w in Australia

My company will be setting up presence in a colo in
Australia, hopefully Sydney. Business is content

Looking for advice on :

1. Transit back to the US ( low [1-5Mbps] initial commit
2. Biggest players in the local DSL/Cable/Broadband
market and peering with them.
3. Choice and quality of Colo facilities.

I have quotes from vendors, am looking for any personal
experience / horror stories.

Thanks !

Hi Anshuman,

Hopefully i can help you a bit here - I've been involved in the data
centre industry here since 1998, when I helped set up the first true IDC
(Globalcenter Australia) in Australia.

1. Transit back to the US can be pricey, depending on the quality of
bandwidth and the carrier. I'm more than happy to give you some feedback
on my good and bad experiences with the carriers here.

2. Peering isn't the same here as it is in the USA, but there are still
some ways of making it happen. Again, I can give you details on peering
exchanges and the relevant benefits, etc.

3. There are a LOT of co-lo facilities down here now, and they're all
trying to out-sell each other by arguing over stupid things, like who
has more diesel generators. I've got a LOT to say on this one.

Give me a call on +61-416-132-452 at some stage and i can talk to you
and answer all your questions. Do you have local tech/eng staff down
here or will it be managed entirely from the US ?