Collos in Memphis, TN and Louisville, KY?

Hi folks,

Can anyone recommend any collo's in both Memphis TN and Louisville, KY?
Preferably in their respective downtown areas?

Thanks mucho,


I don't of any specifically in both locations, however Peak10 is in Louisville as well as Nashville (if that is close enough). And I've been very happy with them.

If you're looking in Memphis, I would at least try WorldSpice, it is an
independent based out of Memphis that I have had a good bit of experience
with, know the owner, etc. I say try because I have not personally seen
their new data facility, so I cannot affirm what the new space looks like.

-Blake (also the Owner's name, coincidentally enough)

Thanks Blake and Brian. WorldSpice has come up as a potential location in
Memphis; can you forward me off-list your contact¹s info?

Much appreciated.