College increases fine for virus computers to $100

Rollins College in Florida has increased its fine for students with
infected computers to $100. Despite repeated warnings, nearly
1/3 of the 1,100 students ignored instructions to install the
patch and anti-virus software. The College sent teams door-to-door
on campus looking for infected computers to fix them. Even after
that, 35 students still didn't fix their computers, and the college
turned off their network access.,0,4672743.story?coll=orl-news-headlines

In Anchorage, the cable modem provider has started cutting off 500
infected customers. When the customer calls in, GCI won't let them
re-connect to the network until they fix their computers. Which can
be a difficult process for some customers since the only way Microsoft
distributes the patches is on-line.

How many other ISPs are turning off customers due to worms isn't